There are three primary continents on Medra.  The eastern continent of Alman is an untamed wilderness, known for its massive reptilian beasts known by the sages as dinosaurs.  The small southern continent of Belsum is equally untamed, but explorers have found sights of mysterious ruins inland from the coast, and some have even claimed that there are tribes of nearly-feral elves in the jungles.  Finally, there is the continent of Kalada, known by learned men as “the civilized lands”.



The smallest of the established nations of Kalada, Gezsta is situated alongside the Nifsala Swamplands, a corrupted stretch of territory that bears the taint of the Negative Energy Sphere.



A large network of fiefs overruled by the Regal Lord of Malk.  Malk is unique in that an ancient ordinance prevents the Regal Lord from having a standing army, leading to an elaborate network of mercenary armies defending the nation.



“The Kingdom of Dust”, Shamtopia was for the longest time just a wasteland of wild magic. That was until the charismatic Sham carved out his own little kingdom.



A land stepped in tradition and home of the Arcane College and Grand Order of Knights.  However, it is not a land for those who break the law…


Eliev Iua

Oldest of the established nations and home to several breeds of elves. The touch of the fey is strong here in the Enchanted Woods.


The Broken Lands

A shattered wasteland of powerful magic and dangerous rifts.  Too unstable to be properly unified, the land is best known for the hideous mutant creatures that roam it.


Tor Dugal and the Ironforge Mountains

A rich Dwarven kingdom dug into a mountain range made in the Age of Calamities.  Rumors circle about the possibility of a dark evil being buried under those mountains..


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