Long ago Medra was just like any other world.  Its people were productive and prosperous with the occasional war, its weather was temperate with the storm, and its gods fulfilled their duties dutifully.  But there would come a time when this would not be the case.  No one quite knows how it started, either as a debate between two deities that spilled over into war or possibly as an invasion from other gods staved off by Medra’s native watchers.  All that is known is that Medra became the battlefield, and the time would forever be known as The Age of Calamities.


For years, the gods did battle on the surface of the world, sending avatars and servants to clash against each other, tearing the world to shreds under them.  The people began to turn from the gods, as all brought them nothing but suffering.  Finally, a cabal of powerful mages managed to do something about it, completing a powerful ritual, the likes of which had never been seen before or since.  The ritual banished the gods from Medra by severing their connections to it, partially removing Medra from the Material Plane as most know it.  By creating a fold in time and space, they were able to shelter themselves from the Outer Sphere and escape the influence of those who existed on those planes, especially the gods.  The process of how this was done was lost with those powerful mages who performed the ritual, but it’s effects have been felt to this day.


Centuries have passed, and the Soulwall has kept the people of Medra safe from outside forces.  But Medra is a world like any other, a world made of kings and usupers, of tyrants and heroes.  There are more than enough mysteries on this world to keep it's scholars occupied and more than enough treasures up for grabs before anyone needs to look in Heaven or Hell.

Medra: Font of Magic